FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) 18 Fans Wishlist Features

FIFA 18, the much awaited version expected to come with new thrills and excitement. The audience is getting so connected to the game that they actually relate to it and want it to be more personal and specific. With every updated  Version, Fans want to see more modifications in the game and so in FUT 18….!!

FUT 18 wishlist features

FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) 18 Fans Wishlist Features:

Avoid Unnecessary Interruptions:

Another improvement they want in the Game is that there should be no cut breaks while playing the game online, Be it for Player substitution or a referee getting hit by the ball. All of these happenings should be ignored mean while and the game should be continued to avoid unnecessary interruptions.

Player Qualities Statistics:

A little more attention should be paid to the Player qualities statistics- their weaknesses, strengths and game play. So, that while selecting the players users have ample of choices to consider on rather than only the ranks and positions of the players. Selecting players considering these qualities will enable the user to build a comparatively stronger team. Not only the qualities but the mistakes should also be counted. Another implication that is needed in the game is that the players if playing of position should get penalty for it. This will add real and deep meaning to the Game.

Contract System:

Another change that can be added is the contract system. Presently, it goes like we have to pay same contract cards sum for every player be it Messi, Ronaldo or any other. Well this is not happening in real life. Let us give this game a more realistic touch….! but how ? for that there need to be a bit change in the contract system , you have to pay more cards sum to keep the finest and the costliest players. This will bring it somewhat close to what actually happens in real world.

Playing Better Gets Better Reward:

The players might want better reward for better play, so it goes like when they earn a  draft on a higher level they should get 50K or 100k so that they get a player from their draft squad.

Training Mode:

One important feature that the players expect is the chance to test and try the Training Mode beforehand so that they can try the tactics- Corner kicks, Free kicks and penalties on their own Squad players.

FUT 18 training mode wishlist

FUT Draft:

Another thing Fifa could improve in is KICK OFF. A new game mode, FUT Draft KICK OFF, can be added where when instead of choosing any team you want, you could make the team on a  FUT DRAFT AND PLAY IT IN KICK OFF.

FIFA can bring in  more audience by providing the option of FREE FUT DRAFT. Since there is not everyone making these drafts for earning rewards, some actually do it for the sake of fun. with these Free drafts players can get a personal better engagement into the Game. To add more to it FIFA can also give its players chance to modify the stadiums accordingly their wishes. Well that modification will totally be based on the rewards and coins you would have earned. But certainly it will be fascinating to see your personally designed stadiums and to see other players stadiums too.

Untradeable Packs:

There could be an option of untradeable packs for winning games say Gold, Silver And Bronze. And players can be exchanged with these untradeable packs without making much interruption to market.

Chemistry Improvement:

A much needed change is in the chemistry altogether, it has become stale and honestly makes no sense to arbitrarily limit with which players play together. Provide for a better positioning system to make it more Fun and interesting.

Concept Squad:

The Game is getting difficult with every level and of course players want to make sure they have the best squad to enable them win. For that they can be given an option of building a concept squad for instance before actually creating it for the game and they contest it a fight with any opponent’s concept squad online. This can enable to make necessary changes and required features to it before the actual game begins.

Speed Of Player:

FIFA should take care of the speed of the players, while in defense the players cannot just use power and be slow at the same time, speed is must and should be maintained. Another serious problem that arises is with the servers. FIFA is like really expected to bring down these server issues wit this Version.

Goal Music:

Let us just make the Game even more Fun and crazy. Well it will be an odd integration but what if FIFA has GOAL JINGLES, what is that…? So it would be like a celebration Music. When a team scores a Goal victory music can be played in the background to add more enthuse into the Game and players as well.

Now It’s Your Turn. Share your FUT 18 features wishlist in comments below.

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