FIFA 18 To Feature Chinese Super League & Indian Super League

The FIFA series is soon to come up with its latest installment, FIFA 18. The fans are highly excited about its release and discussions have been going on about the same since a long time. Gamers are expecting certain modifications and integrations from the game which they have shared on various forums. Now, it was upon the discretion of developers which ones to implement.

FIFA 18 To Feature Indian Super League

Indian Fans also presented their wish to have an exclusive Indian Super League in the game. Seems developers have paid heed to their wish and ISL will be added to the ever-growing list of competitive leagues in FIFA 18.

As per the sources associated with Sportskeeda, the Chinese Super League has already made to the Game. This new entrant has been sharing photo shoots of players in EA sports on various public platforms. After CSL, India Super League was the one to receive the highest number of votes from fans counting to 154,000 for its involvement in the game. The first of course CSL received a total of 156,000 votes. The third one is German Super League claiming for the potential spot. As per the commitments the top three leagues are likely to be included in this year’s edition.

One of the FIFA official made a statement that, “CSL is almost confirmed for FIFA 18, as we have already begun the whole process and locked the rosters. Since ISL is seasonal, it will be quite difficult for anyone of us to follow a similar process. However, we will be fair and the first three voted leagues will be added.

“There is a massive gap between third and fourth on the list. And if everything goes as per our plan, and there are no logistical issues – CSL, ISL and the German third division will definitely be included. From the month of April we will start working on them.”

This is a great accomplishment for a country like India which does not have much international recognition in the game but surely has a million fans and supporters. It surely deserves applause to get the imagination of the entire country associated with a huge platform like FIFA. Regions such as Chennai and Kerala have been re-introduced to the sport and are turning up in massive numbers to boost football’s viewership in India.
The petition there was started by Shuvam Mishra from Bangalore and has now reached its desired number of supporters for a potential ISL inclusion.

One supports said that, “This is what the majority number of people living in this country wants. We all hope if ISL is included in FIFA 18, and the popularity of FIFA in India will also increase.”

Another supporter added, “We cannot let fan emotions dictate our decisions, yes they are the most integral part of our success, but then that’s why the voting is there. We cannot go outside that and let another league in because a few fans want it. It’s what the majority wants, and we all hope if ISL is included, the popularity of FIFA in India will increase.”

The list included other names too like -Greece, an already popular name in the Gaming world, The Malay league at 4th position, followed by Kosovo, one of the world’s latest fully independent countries.
Leaving all these nations behind India has managed to make up to this coveted spot.

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