FIFA 18 To Introduce The Journey Season 2

Here is an amazing news for soccer and Football freaks. The amazing FIFA series is very favorite of every football fan and player and every year it comes up with such up gradation that adds to its following. For this year also, EA has a gift in store for its fans. It has confirmed that FIFA 18 will include The Journey Season 2 as one of its game mode.

FIFA 18 To Introduce The Journey Season 2

This is a follow-up to the acclaimed single-player campaign from FIFA 17, which entertained sports fans that bought the game. Though little is revealed about the mode yet but since fans are greatly enthused about it makes it worth the wait.

A veteran, Analyst Daniel Ahmad, in the same Industry has researched a lot about stuff and confirmed this news to be absolutely true. He publically announced the news to be certain on Twitter, along with information on Madden NFL 18 coming with Frosbite engine and NHL 18 with a new UFC game. He tweeted:

So, all we can conclude from these news is that this is going to be a remarkable year for sport fans. Many updates of the game are to come this year and we just hope that all of them turns out to be mind blowing.

Apart from the official commitment by the developers to come up with Season 2 of The Journey in FIFA 18, there is no other detail about any stuff of the mode. But since it’s the second season of The Journey, it might be an official sequel to last year’s storyline from FIFA 17. Even being a sequel would not mean a sheer imitation of the previous year idea. There will be new characters, storylines and mechanics, which the fans are looking forward to.

Confusions have taken place in minds of the fans trying to predict the storyline. Alex Hunter, expected to come as a lead or as a supporting role or a new character would replace him. Nothing has been revealed and we just have to wait for EA to reveals more details and see what it has in store for its fans.

Also, players can expect a grand premier of The Journey Season 2 in FIFA 18 any time this year. It is not clear when this official press release would take place. But till then they have FIFA 17 with extra incentive to replay The Journey.

Sport games never actually considered Single-player campaigns a considerable effect on the game. But EA changed the scenario with The Journey for FIFA 17. Fans found this campaign quite engaging and exciting, which is the reason for their eagerness for FIFA 18 and its upcoming single-player story.

Presently, FIFA 17 is available on platforms like PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC. Along with amazing single-player campaigns, there is a lot more variety like multiplayer modes that online fans can enjoy. Primarily, the purpose of this is to keep fans enthused till the next release take place.

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