FIFA 18 Release Date & Wishlist Features

FIFA Title Demo Release Date Release Date
FIFA 15 September 9, 2014 (Tuesday) September 23, 2014 (Tuesday)
FIFA 16 September 8, 2015 (Tuesday) September 22, 2015 (Tuesday)
FIFA 17 September 13, 2016 (Tuesday) September 27, 2016 (Tuesday)
FIFA 18 Expected September 12, 2017 (Tuesday) Expected September 26, 2017 (Tuesday)


If you see the above chart than you can notice EA follow a pattern of releasing new FIFA game on Tuesday in September month. So if EA continues to follow the same pattern then you can expect FIFA 18 will release on September 26, 2016 and FIFA 18 demo will release 2 weeks earlier on September 12, 2018.

FIFA 17 has been a great Game all through and people loved it. The craze and fondness people have for the Game expects it to come with certain new updates every time to keep intact the diehard fans. Here I have come up with a FIFA 18 release date prediction and wish list features that people anticipate to see in FIFA 18 the upcoming version, to make it even more exciting and thrilling. Let’s start with wishlist features first:

FIFA 18 Release Date features

FIFA 18 Wishlist Features:


What can be done regarding that is, the managers can be allowed to increase Stadium capacity and choose the playing kits by themselves. The expanded Stadium can be sponsored by new sponsors if the current deals expire. The players and Managers should get a chance to have a talk before and after the Game and off the Pitch too. Even at the end of the Game there could be a healthy interaction between the opponents that will make it interesting to watch after the Game ends. Something more can also be added like-team talks in the half time to have them a brief discussion about the Game.


A table can be worked out which shows top 5 goal scorers of the Game from each League or a scoreboard showing the weekly top players of the Game from all the teams. Substitutions should be made simple and easier o that they does not interfere into the Game. For that provide for quicker voice command or something like that.

Personalisation :

The users can be given a chance to create their own Virtual Pro with a potential that can go upto 90..But once you have submitted it the looks and positions cannot be changed thereafter. The managers can also be given the ability to change the pitch pattern before the game starts, from circle to little squares that would be really interesting. For the Ultimate Game the cards with which the Players are traded can be designed ourselves to give them a better and fascinating look.

Authentic and Real:

The more authentic the Game looks the more purchases it will get. OF course that realistic touch in the Game brings the players even more closely to it. HOW that can be done….? When a player scores a Goal or misses one it should be shown in a way that the player did it with true emotional intensity and the response of the players and crowds should be presented accordingly. And it could even be more amazing if they can add top 10 goals of the week in the Career mode and a brief pre and post match studio. The robots cannot be trusted for good commentary so to get clearer rather than vague observations of the Game, some focus should be laid on better Game analysis awareness. The player if going to hit a score the audience should be able to hear that excitement ion the voice of the commentator, this is what will be counted in good annotations..! FIFA should try to bring something like this.


The manager while playing the Career mode can be allowed to leave a comment before the Game. For example a reply to the press or a statement for the Player rather than just praising it all the time. This would be some additional authority granted to the mangers. The players on the other hand can be accredited for their achievements. They could collect their awards while playing the career mode and get endorsements from high brands like NIKE, ADIDAS and PUMA etc.

Tuning of the stadium:

Stadiums can not be full all the time. The game if having a poor season should reflect it with a low crowd in the Stadium. And even if the League is doing poor, high crowd attendance should be there in a good cup tie. All the championship stadiums can be put in the Game no matter how new they are. The more the variety the greater appreciation by the users. Similarly if the players are not doing well less supporters and less noise and vice versa. The atmosphere of the Stadium can be made more authentic by addition of big flags, banners and huge applause from supporters.

Career mode:

The game should provide for the ability to change player’s position and skilling rate after training like CM → MR and from 3 skill stars to 4 and Ability to create a manager from scratch. Styling can also come with enhanced features like Face with More wearing options for instance Klopp always wears uniforms, also modifications can be made to playing styles Attacking or Tactician etc. The players can also put the custom tactics in the formations and change them during a game.


A bit of presentation can be made if a big players signs into the club, also the players for practice can be allowed to have friendly and tournament matches before the actual session starts. The presentation of the Conferences can also be modified for better like more questions being asked before and after the Game. The players should also get an interview session at the end of the Game from Famous Sport channels, better media talks and appropriate responses of the Players.

FIFA 18 Release Date Prediction:

Till now EA has released 24 game in the FIFA game series for all platform PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. The game also releases for Mobile App both Android and iOS users.

After analysing release date of previous FIFA games it is predicted new game FIFA 18 is expected to release on 26th September 2017. The announcement as usual is expected to happen at or before E3 2017 which will start on June 13-15, 2017, at the Los Angeles.

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