Will FIFA 18 Legends Come For PS4? No More Exclusive To Xbox One

The release of FIFA 18 is round the corner and the main topic of debate among users is about Legends. EA Sports are under contract from Xbox developers Microsoft to only keep legends in their platforms. The deal lasts at least for one another year which is around end of 2017, which means that PS4 might not have FIFA Legends until FIFA 18. Rumors are making rounds that EA’s contract with Microsoft is going to end in 2017. Which makes the Legends only accessible to Xbox.

Will FIFA 18 Legends Come For PS4

This rumor regarding the ending of the contract comes up almost every year. EA has itself accepted that the only reason Legends exist in the Game are because of Microsoft. Since it is Microsoft who pays for such exclusives and EA takes that money and uses it to pay for the Likeness rights. It is very doubtful that Legends would even exist in the absence of Microsoft’s pay ship. For legends to come to PS4, Sony would have to jump in for the contract. Sony would have to outbid Microsoft to get the exclusive, and then they can work out the Legends with the platforms. Sony hasn’t shown any willingness to do so since for stuff like this they have to cut into their profits.

There is a discussion going if the fans would be able to see Legends in PS4 or not. Well this is yet to be announced and we see different opinions on the same.

Some do not even want the Hut legends back so they are happy with keeping it restricted to the Xbox only. Some on the other hand are expecting Microsoft to extend the Contract making it for a year long term. But of course some fans want to give this a try so they are willingly waiting it to come on PS4. It will be a nice added bonus with some of the most prominent players.

Some people might even switch to Xbox from PS4 if they didn’t get the legends there in. A lot of people would care to do so since Legends add a great dimension to the Game.

All of these news would be confirmed by E3 conference but EA have decided to skip this year’s event. However, we expect the developers to resolve the debate around E3 with an explanation.

The number of PlayStation users are much more than those of Xbox so thinking financially they can re consider their deal with Microsoft. There are way more PlayStation users and looking at it frugally as a gaming company, they should tear up the contract with Microsoft to join hands with Sony.

By this we do not mean that they should remove the FIFA Legends from Xbox. Of course Xbox users are also to be kept contented but they can think of adding it to PlayStation as well. They can consider the adding FIFA Legends to PlayStation and bearing up the fines. This should be EA’s top most priority. A majority of fans will be happy with this. The only reason players’ use Xbox for FIFA and FUT is the cheaper market rates than PS4 market. So making the other PS4 users glad is also important.

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