FIFA 18 Leagues Wishlist And Ideas: List Of 18 League

FIFA is a series of Football video games released every year by EA Sports. This series is favorite among football audience and its annual release is a much awaited event every year in September. Like every year this time too FIFA 18 is expected to release in fall 2017. Fans are making all types of guesses and even suggestions too regarding the new update and the more importantly is the leagues that they would love to see in FIFA 18.

FIFA 18 League Wishlist

There are many leagues that fans would love but here we are sharing 18 such leagues:

FIFA 18 Leagues Prediction:

GERMAN 3rd LEAGUE – This league started with the session 2008-2009 as third tier football league in Germany. It is positioned between the Bundesliga and the semi-professional Regionalliga, which became the fourth division and initially it consisted of three groups of 18 clubs. LIGA 3 is the highest division that Football reserve team can play in Germany. It the third-most economically successful professional league in all German sports.

GREEK LEAGUE – This is the highest professional football league in Greece. It was formed in 2006 replacing Alphai as the top of the Greek football league system. The league consists of 16 teams and runs from August to May, with teams playing 30 games each. Based on performances in European competitions over the last five years Superleague Greece has been ranked 12th in the UEFA ranking of leagues. This is one of the most amazing Leagues in the history of Football and would be liked by the audience.

PORTUGUESE 2nd LEAGUE – This is a football league in Portugal, situated at the third level of the Portuguese football league system. After the creation of the Segunda Liga in 1990–91, it became the third level division in Portuguese. Usually the format included three regional divisions, but definition of the tier championship varied: Sometimes it was an elimination tournament with a final, and other times a final round-robin of the regional division winners. Also, sometimes all three regional winners would be promoted without playing a final.

IRANIAN LEAGUE – This is a professional football league competition for clubs located at the highest level of the Iranian football league system. It was founded in 1970 as the Takht Jamshid Cup, but the current format was adopted in 2001.All and all 16 teams contest for it and it has been ranked by the Asian Football Confederation as the 2nd best league in Asia and the best league in Western Asia. This league stands at the top of the extensive pyramid structure.

CHINESE LEAGUE – Colour the popularly known Ping An Chinese Football Association Super League, is the highest tier of professional football in China, operating under the auspices of the Chinese Football Association.The Chinese Super League was created by the rebranding of the former top division Chinese Football Association Jia-A League in 2004. In the current season a total of 16 teams participate and it is still expanding.

BULGARIAN LEAGUE – Bulgarian professional league stands at the top of the Bulgarian football league system, it serves as the country’s primary football competition. The league determines the champion of Bulgaria and is contested by fourteen teams. It operates on a system of promotion and demotion with the second tier of the Bulgarian football league pyramid, the Second League. The very first session of this league was formed during summer of 2016 by rebranding tits predecessor. Each of the fourteen teams participate in the regular season and playoffs.

MALAYSIAN LEAGUE – also referred as the Malaysian Super League is a top-tier professional association football league in Malaysian football league system. Managed by Football Malaysia Limited Liability Partnership (FMLLP), Malaysia Super league is contested by 12 clubs and operates on a system of promotion and demotion with the Malaysia Premier League. The league started in February 2004 and the seasons every year run from February to October.

ISRAELI LEAGUE – This is an Israeli professional league for association football clubs. It is the highest tier of the professional Israeli football league system. A total of 14 clubs contest in it and operates on a system of promotion and demotion. Each team plays 32 matches in a season running from August to May, with 224 matches in the season. It is also ranked nineteenth in the UEFA coefficients of leagues based on performances in European competitions.

INDONESIAN LEAGUE – This used to be the highest level competition for football clubs in Indonesia from 2011 to 2013. This competition is managed by PT Liga Prima Indonesia Sportindo, under supervision of the Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI). This unification league will in total have 22 clubs. It was also decided that seven best teams IPL will follow the verification to be participants in the Indonesia Super League 2014 season. IPL replacing it predecessor became the highest level match in Indonesia.

CZECH LEAGUE – This is a Czech professional league for football clubs. At the top of the Czech football league system, it is the country’s primary football competition. It is contested by 16 clubs, operating a system of promotion and relegation with the Czech National Football League. Each team play a total of 30 matches in seasons running from August to May. The league is currently ranked 13th in Europe in the UEFA league rankings. This league was re-organized in 1994 season, after the dissolution and is still expanding.

TURKISH PTT LEAGUE – This is the second level of the Turkish football league system. The league was founded in 2001 as the Turkish Second League Category A after the reorganization of the Second Football League, which was the second level of the Turkish league system between 1963 and 2001. The league was called Türk Telekom Lig A in the 2006–2007 season, and was renamed to its current name prior to the 2007–08 season. The matches here again are based on play-off status changed again and elimination match system came back but this time on a two match.

NORTH AMERICAN SOCCER LEAGUE – NAS is a professional men’s soccer league with 10 teams: 8 in the United States, 1 in Canada and 1 in Puerto Rico. It is sanctioned by the United States Soccer Federation as the Division II league in the American league system, under Major League Soccer and above the United Soccer League. Though it is headquartered in New York City it has no connection to, the original North American Soccer League. The modern NASL was founded in 2009, and play in a combined temporary Division II league.

MOROCCAN LEAGUE – Also known as Botola Maroc, is a Moroccan professional league for men’s association football clubs. At the top of the Moroccan football league system, it is the country’s primary football competition. Contested by 16 clubs, it operates on a system of promotion and relegation with the Football League. The Premier League is a corporation in which the 16 member clubs act as shareholders. Seasons run from August to May, with teams playing 30 matches each and a total of 214 matches Outside England, it is commonly referred to as the Moroccan Premier League.

EGYPTIAN LEAGUE – The Egyptian Premier League is an Egyptian professional league for Egyptian football clubs and represents the top flight of Egyptian football. All in all a total of 18 teams contest in this championship in a home and away league system. It is currently known as the Presentation Egyptian Premier League, after the advertising company signed a sponsorship deal with the Egyptian Football Association. The league’s highest attendance has been 120,000 till now.

ENGLISH CONFERENCE LEAGUE – The National League, formerly the Conference National (currently named the Vanarama National League for sponsorship reasons[1]), is the top division of the National League in England. It is the highest level of the National League System and fifth-highest of the overall English football league system. While all of the clubs in the top four tiers of English football are full-time professional, the National League has a mixture of full-time and semi-professional clubs. The National League is the lowest nationwide division in the English football pyramid. Beginning with the 2015–16 season, the league was renamed as the National League.

SPANISH 3rd LEAGUE – The Spanish football league system refers to the system in Spanish club football that consists of several football leagues bound together hierarchically by promotion and demotion. The Spanish football federation allows reserve teams to compete in the main football against the top flight. All teams contest for getting at this position to have a top flight with the strongest of the opponents.

INDIAN LEAGUE – The I-League, officially known as the Hero I League sponsored by the Hero, is an Indian professional league for men’s association football clubs. Contested by 7 clubs operates on a system of promotion and demotion with the I-League 2nd Division as well as a system of direct-entry. Each team plays 18 matches in seasons running from January to May for a total of 90 matches. The competition was initially formed by ONGC I-League in 2007 in an effort to professionalize the game in India. The league’s first official broadcaster was Zee Sports.

UKRANIAN LEAGUE – UPL is the highest division of Ukrainian annual football championship. As a Supreme League it was formed in 1991 only then only in 1996 along with all the professional football leagues of Ukraine, the Supreme League became a member of the Professional Football League of Ukraine. In 2008 it was given a more autonomous entity by Football Federation of Ukraine and got its current name. It has been ranked 8th by UEFA as of 2014.

All these leagues have amazing game plays on their parts and it is going to be a tough decision for developers to choose which new league to add in the game. Also, it is difficult to satisfy all kinds of audience since every one expect something different from FIFA, having this large number of fan following makes it even more difficult. FIFA, since we know will come out with the best of all and stand on our expectations.

Share with us in comment what new leagues you are looking forward to see in FIFA 18?

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