FIFA 18 To Include Chinese Super League?

China stays at the top position when it comes to Gaming and especially the super popular FIFA series. It’s been long since we see the players’ rather high quality players moving to Chinese Super League lured by astronomical salaries.
The inclusion of Chinese League has become a major center of attraction especially since the last two years. This region is surely going to attract the greatest of talents from all over.

FIFA 18 League Wishlist

This would lead to Chinese Ultimate Team cards for the likes of Carlos Tevez, Oscar and Hulk, who have all moved to the division.

It looks like this year FIFA 18 could include the Chinese Super League. EA sports is highly expected to widen its reach to the bank-rolling division in the series’ next installment. But we know very well that the last FIFA Version FIFA 17 did not include any Chinese modes. Seeing new trend makes it necessary for the game to bring the requisite change for this version.

Jiangsu Suning’s Alex Teixeira Santos posted a picture on Instagram, with the caption: “Official presentation for FIFA 18 new jersey for the 2017 season.” Cease Your Excitement here

FIFA 18 To Include Chinese Super League

While the major FIFA communities believe that Chinese Leagues are going to feature in the latest update of this legendary series. But the emojis with the caption portrayed something else.

But all this had given rise to further discussion over the same which is taking place on Reddit. A great discussion is going on Reddit of which I am going to give you a hint about.

A fan commented “I don’t think it will be that bad, it will be about league 1 level (high bronzes and low-mid silvers with the addition of 3 gold’s per team, having a full league team will be poor though as there’s no good fullbacks or keepers.”

But some people were least excited even about the latest update so one of them commented, “That’s cool, but I won’t even consider buying another FIFA title until EA fixes the broken gameplay and brings back the Brazilian league like they should’ve already done by now.”

Also a player commented “Gonna be so weird. It will be like loads of 55-64 rated players with random 82s and 83s mixed in.”

But the conclusion remains that EA Sports has made no official confirmation regarding the same. But not commenting on these rumors all I would like to say is that I want this to be true. I would like to see a team made up like this with cheap players but super talented in their arena. Because more or less The FIFA has lost its essence that I want to see returning.

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