FIFA 18 Career Mode Features Wishlist

The much-awaited FIFA 18 game will be out in 2017. The fans are willingly waiting for the release and have already started sharing wishlist. To make Gaming an all new experience and better than the previous Versions, some modifications needs to be made to the game. Of course to bring a new experience it has to be better than the older Version and fulfill the wishes of the fans.

FIFA 18 Career Mode Features

Here, we have come with a FIFA 18 wish list for the career mode of the game, which if integrated will make sure a great success for it.

FIFA 18 Career Mode Features Wishlist:

Press Conference:

The Press Conference held at the end of the Game surely needs some improvement. New media houses, Famous Sport channels and better interviewers can make this happen. Also the interaction between the Players and the managers before and after the Game can be improved to make it more involving for the Users.

Player Records:

There can also be revised track records of the Players which will show their Performance from last Matches like number of Games they played, number of Goals they hit and their highest Score. This will help in selecting the player respective to their Potential.


The Game should show the real thrill and excitement experienced. For that there should be a difference in celebration while a capital one cup or the world cup is won. The celebration mode can be made much more fun by making certain changes which allow users to participate in the Victory by making the Players Dance and Holding the Cup High or loud applause by the audience. The transfer system in the Game is not much appreciated now and can be reformed or totally overhauled.

The Journey:

The career Mode can also come up with THE JOURNEY for managerial only that would be really interesting to see. The Game badly needs a fresh approach so surely new planners can be appointed for the mode to give it an all new better interface.

For friendly tournaments only three players are provided on the bench, that number can be increased to make these matches more lucrative for users.


The number of Leagues from each country can also be enhanced like Champions League, Europa League, youth league and reserve’s league for World Cup and Other continental cups and that too with better standing lay outs and dynamic features. The sponsorship can also be expanded, once old contracts are over new sponsors should be allowed to come up with finances.

The Game has still to adopt so many features form FM and only this integration can also make Game the best version of it.

Audience And Cheers:

The audience can largely influence the Game and it should be creatively used that way. When the player is playing well it should be getting loud cheers from audience and when he his not playing that good the applause of the audience can be lowered down to bring that realistic touch in the Game. Also when a Mundane League is going the crowd in the stadium should be less as compared to a huge crowd when a thrilling League is going. Also the managers can show actual emotion during games when they are losing and winning and looks of disappointment or satisfaction when they sub a player off based on how they played.

Video Presentation:

There can be a little opening of video presentation to us when an new players signs and also Put federation laws about the numbers for all the new foreign players signing  in the squad. If a Player is injured he should immediately be provided with a capable substitute and the Game should grant him leave for as much time as he want depending on the injury.

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I Know it might not be possible to put all these integrations in the game in the same way the users are asking for it. But, of course can idea can be taken from these suggestions and reforms and adaptations can be made to the game to match it with the expectations of the people.

So friends, share your wishlist in comment section below.

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