EA Sports Started FIFA 18 Development?

EA Sports come up with FIFA series with a great new update for its fans. These series are one of their kind and very popular among the audience. Last year, FIFA 17 remained a great success and EA already started working on the next update. Their project for next year would be FIFA 18 and it has already created a huge zeal among the audience. As per the sources, the developers are working very hard on the latest Version and are already done with the game plan for this amazing Video Game. They worked on every idea they could and considered all the suggestions from the fans and tried to bring all the innovations into the game and turned ideas into reality. Well, still the game would not be a total surprise for the audience as thee very idea of the game has already been tried last year with the Frostbite Engine. Previously, the EA sports used to have Ignite engine for all its major creations which was last year replaced by Frostbite which was being considered a lot many time better than its competition. The latest engine allows the developer to add multiple new features/ options and render in a higher quality.

Yet coming with new technology and all new updates this Gaming engine is quite slow as it has certain bugs that still needs to be fixed. EA is much concerned about the same and is launching many updates to get rid of the bugs and Glitches as soon as possible. All we expect is that the engine gets fixed and functions properly before the release of the FIFA 18.

The developers are very clear about the idea and the Game Plan, yet it is taking them time to work on it efficiently as first they need to get the engine fixed and clear it of all the bugs. It is taking them time to keep up with the new engine and debug it properly before the launch. As any kind of inconvenience for the players and the fans can cost them hard.

The developers have lot many ideas on their mind that they want to apply in FIFA 18. This has been going on for years since the release of FIFA 14 in 2013. We might expect something surprising like The Journey for FIFA 17, Women’s football for FIFA 16 in the next FIFA game. A launches the demo of most of its game a few weeks before releasing the full version. They first acknowledge that they are developing the game during a small gaming conference. Then they wait for big gaming events like E3 to announce upcoming dates and news about the release, demo, and features. So, from the studies that have been conducted this conclusion can be drawn that the demo release date will be close.

EA Sports Started FIFA 18 Development

For the FIFA 18 Story Mode, no official news for the continuation of The Journey has been made public. But, editors at major gaming forums suggest that EA will continue the story mode as with some brand new story to keep it interesting.

With the superb PES 2017 breathing down its neck competing for the “best footy game” award among fans, there’s no time to for EA to rest. EA has to come up with something so amazing and so exciting for the audience that it keep intact its fans and also create a gaga in this video game world to get the title for itself. Talking about the Story Mode, nothing much has been revealed about it yet and just to inform the fans that there has be no official news for the continuation of The Journey. But to keep up with the expectations of the public it is assumed that  will continue the story mode as with some brand new story to keep it interesting.

The editors of the major Gaming forums also suggest the same and try to bring into the notice of the developers as much suggestions from  the public as they can.

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