EA Might Not Release FIFA 18 For PS3 & Xbox 360

FIFA, the most popular game series of its kind is going to hit the consoles soon. Each year, EA presents the latest edition of its most awaited gaming series, FIFA to the fans in September. This year too, the gamers are all set to welcome the 18th update of the FIFA Franchise. Last year, FIFA franchise launched its 17th version which became the best selling edition till time. Now, this year EA is ready to release FIFA 18 which is expected to do even better and break previous records too.

EA Might Not Release FIFA 18 For PS3 & Xbox 360

EA sometime back took the decision to switch its Ignite Engine to Frostbite which is a better performing multi-platform engine. This raised some issues with the Frostbite engine on the last-gen consoles’ outdated hardware due to which the game would not come to two consoles- the PS3 and the Xbox 360. Well, this is disappointing for gamers who are using these two platforms.

FIFA is undoubtedly, EA’s best investment as it was the most sold out edition last year. The FIFA franchise sold more than 150 million units of the game worldwide which is much more than any of its competitors.

FIFA 17 came up with an innovative engine called Frostbite, which proved to be a revolutionary move for the game. It improved the gameplay, user interface and gave a realistic and life-like touch to the game.

The Frostbite engine was so advanced that the existing hardware on last generation consoles could not cope with the advanced hardware requirements of the Frostbite engine. This resulted in a low grade and toned down version of the game released for platforms like PS3 and Xbox 360. Now, this year too, same is expected to happen with FIFA 18 which will keep the PS3 and Xbox 360 users deprived of the new advancement.

The last generation consoles did lack technological advancement which forced them to accept the toned don version of the game that did not have the Frostbite engine, nor ‘The Journey’ feature. That vexed the gamers stuck with the consoles PS3 and Xbox 360. Now, with same scenario taking place with FIFA 18 also, would make them even more annoyed. It seems like EA has planned to wind down the series for these old generation consoles. This could also be related to a statement given by EA CFO, Blake Jorgensen at the Stifel Technology Conference in 2013 where he announced that the gaming giant would continue to release games for the PS3 and Xbox 360 until 2017. So, we see the old generation consoles going out of the league. These older consoles could not support the Frostbite engine and there is probability that they would not be able to support the more advanced Frostbite engine too, that will be accompanied with FIFA 18.

Not only FIFA 17 was the game that disappointed the last generation consoles. There are other versions too who could not comply with the technical norms. One of those cases is – Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 was also released without the campaign mode on the older consoles and consisted of only the multiplayer mode, which drew a lot of backlash against the producers of both games.

Users of the last generation consoles are very well aware of the fact that they missed a great deal of excitement of FIFA 17. But, now if they want to enjoy the hyper-realistic gameplay, with more authenticity and fun they have to opt for up gradation. Though, upgrading the console would prove to be expensive, but this is the only way through which they can get the best out of the latest installment.

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