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Last Updated: 28th, March 2017

Well FIFA 17, THE JOURNEY GAME is a big step forward in FIFA series. The features are looking good and hopefully it will get good response when it will be out. Here we are talking about the features wishlist and release date of next versions. People are filled with zeal for the Game and are coming up with intriguing ideas for the same. What do they want from the next version FIFA 18…!!

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FIFA 18 Lionel Messi

FIFA 18 Fan-Made Image

FIFA 18 Rumoured & Leaked Features:

Before the release of the game it is very much expected we will get to know lots of new features that are coming to FIFA 18. This features usually gets leaked or rumoured before release:

The Journey Season 2 Coming In FIFA 18

A veteran, Analyst Daniel Ahmad has confirmed that FIFA 18 will include The Journey Season 2 as one of its game mode. The new Journey season 2 will have new characters & storylines.

FIFA 18 To Introduce The Journey Season 2

FIFA 18 To Feature Chinese Super League & Indian Super League

One of the FIFA official made a statement that, “CSL is almost confirmed for FIFA 18, as we have already begun the whole process and locked the rosters. Since ISL is seasonal, it will be quite difficult for anyone of us to follow a similar process. However, we will be fair and the first three voted leagues will be added.

FIFA 18 Features Wishlist:

A lot many changes are expected to be made in the much awaited version FIFA 18. Below are the some features that can be added in FIFA 18:

FIFA 18 Features Wishlist

Different Journey Based On Regions:

One of the ways people want it to modify is to split the Journey among regions. This would be something really fascinating. Imagine The Journey having different story lines for different regions. The split up of the regions can be made as following- North America, South America, Africa, Eastern Europe, Western Europe and Asia.

Now a player from North America can be a young lad who starts the Game with 5 A side and continues it till gets discovered by a scout and then moves forward towards MLS and eventually, the world of course. For South America, the theme goes like- a young boy from an extended, large and poor family struggling his way through level 5 A to reach to the top. This would be something similar to the lives of Madonna, Messi and Ronaldinho etc. Africa would also be somewhat similar to it with a little more struggle on part of the player, since at first it would have to individually represent the respective Nation before joining the club. In western Europe, you would be the one grown up in suburbs and instead of starting the game with level 5 A you would rather be a part of an organizational Club from where you can gain ranks and ultimately become a world star. In eastern Europe the story can be given a tragic turn by the player belonging to a medium class family and had to struggle against your Family wishes to continue with the Sport. The family rather wants you to see getting a degree in College. In Asia too the player goes through same situation but this time the family is more inclined towards a different sport than this. How cool would it be if the new Games get modified in this way. The player can go for any of the story theme he likes.

Celebration Mode:

Secondly, fans want to add that crazy touch to the game. They want a celebration mode where the Winning would be accompanied by players taking off their shirts literally. Well that would be something funny indeed ales the audience wants the Career mode to be redesigned with new Menu and accomplishments features.

FIFA 18 Shirt Off Celebration

Speed Of The Ball:

The audience getting much related to game want certain other changes too regarding the speed of ball that should vary according to the Pitch. The speed of ball should be different on a dry pitch as compared to that of a wet pitch. The also want that realistic touch to it by occurrence of birds as found in real stadiums.

Engine Improvement:

Frostbite engine should be more equipped with better technology as AI and would surely deliver better gameplay. People also want to experience the thrill of the game in a new way with a better version for PC, till now the PC Version of the Game is not that good.

Own Characters:

Apart from having different themes according to regions players also demand to have their own characters created that would be highly intimate. For that there will be no more Alex Hunter as our hero every time, they should be able to create their own football legends.

At the end the clear conclusion that can be drawn from these wishes is that the Journey has to be a personalized in FIFA 18.

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FIFA 18 Release Date:

Till now EA has released 24 game in the FIFA game series for all platform PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. The game also releases for Mobile App both Android and iOS users.

FIFA Title Demo Release Date Release Date
FIFA 15 September 9, 2014 (Tuesday) September 23, 2014 (Tuesday)
FIFA 16 September 8, 2015 (Tuesday) September 22, 2015 (Tuesday)
FIFA 17 September 13, 2016 (Tuesday) September 27, 2016 (Tuesday)
FIFA 18 Expected September 12, 2017 (Tuesday) Expected September 26, 2017 (Tuesday)


If you see the above chart then you can notice EA follow a pattern of releasing new FIFA game on Tuesday in September month. So if EA continues to follow the same pattern then you can expect FIFA 18 will release on September 26, 2017 and FIFA 18 demo will release 2 weeks earlier on September 12, 2017.

The announcement as usual is expected to happen at or before E3 2017 which will start on June 13-15, 2017, at the Los Angeles.

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FIFA 18 Graphics:

Jonas Skantz reveals he believes that Frostbite engine is capable of doing much more and players will get to know about these features once The Journey inevitably continues in FIFA 18.

FIFA 18 Graphics Improvement

“With more and more games powered by Frostbite – whether it is FIFA, Battlefield, Mass Effect or others – our development teams can spend more time building new groundbreaking gameplay innovations.”

FIFA 18 Graphics Is Going To Be Mindblowing: Report

FIFA 18 Images [Fan-Made]:

Below are the few fan-made images of FIFA 18:

Watch FIFA 18 Fan-Made Trailer:

Watch More FIFA 18 Fan-Made Videos

FIFA 18 Hot News:

Added On – 2017/01/17

EA Sports at Nintendo presentation, revealed that one of their biggest franchises is coming to the Nintendo Switch, FIFA. This extremely popular soccer game will come to the platform in the future. Presumably, this would be along with the FIFA 18 fall, but it may not be the “definitive” version.

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Added On – 2017/01/13

Frostbite Studio Director, Jonas Skantz had an interview with Dream Team Gaming. In this exclusive chat he shared his vision regarding FIFA 18. He believes that this Frostbite switch is going to take the game in the right direction.

When asked about time and Familiarity……He stated,  “I can assure you that Frostbite continues to be a true differentiator,” he explained from the EA DICE studio in Stockholm, Sweden.

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So to all die hard FIFA fans, now it’s your turn to share suggestions on FIFA 18. Also share who do you think should feature as cover star for FIFA 18? Kindly leave your valuable comments in the below comment box and stay connected for more updates.

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14 thoughts on “FIFA 18 Release Date, Features, Trailer, News And Update

  1. Indrajeet Gupta

    FIFA 18 needs to have a commentary change for sure. It is understandable that Peter Drury is signed up with PES, but he would have been the best. Why not Ian Darke, Jon Champion. They make footballing commentary realistic and alive. Would love to see Ian and Jon taking guard in FIFA 18. Would attract people who love to listen to good commentary apart from football.

  2. I’m a big fun of Fifa and here’s what I want for FIFA 18.

    1. Add Ray Hudson as one of the commentators.
    2. More customizing options such as customizing your own team and designing your own uniforms.
    3. Add more International teams.
    4. Career mode season 2 where you can chose which country to start your career from.
    5. UEFA champions league on FIFA

  3. the journey should be added to the mobile version the coaches should celebrate like antonio conte

  4. EA should add the following please 1)the should add the journey in the mobile version 2)antonio conte should celebrata if his team scores a goal

  5. fifa should try their best in having uefa champions league it will be madder

  6. Fifa 18 set live single no easport

  7. It would be good if the sleeve badges change as you move up divisions. Also the ability to make new strips from season to season with new sponsor options

  8. I want these features to be in FIFA 18.
    1) Improve Crowd and Chanting – There should be enough real life ness to the game and around the playing pitch.
    2) Add New Features to FIFA Ultimate Team. There were new chnages when FIFA 16 was launched but since then it has been teh same they should probably add more features to make the game more interesting.
    3) I want the game to add a featuret to add my face to career mode as well as the journey.
    4) Improve Womens football Please. We want club womesn team

    I am a big fan and can’t wait for the game.

  9. I am a big fan of FIFA. recently I played FIFA 17 and felling boring and now looking for next version of FIFA games. I also want EA Sports Added.Some new features in it which made this game more interesting to Play. My wishlist for the FIFA 18 are
    1. EA need to add Ray Hudson from beIN Sport commentators on FIFA 18 .This old man is the best and very funny commentator.
    2. Be able to Quit as Manager.
    3. The players must got better reward to better play.
    4. Also want journey 2 Season.
    5. Also able to Design New kit every season of Carrier mode.
    6. I would really like to make our own club going into career mode. To be able to customize our own crest and jerseys would be awesome.
    7. Ea should add at least 3 best clubs of every country such as Croatia, Serbia

  10. what about releasing fifa 18 for project scorpio ?? any chance ??

  11. Hi….. is FIFA 18 is produced for xbox 360 console?????

  12. I want the customization options in FIFA .It would be so awesome to have an official editor that works exactly like the Creation Master series (allows you to modify pretty much everything within the game – players, managers, kits, everything).
    Best Graphics For Better Display.
    I would like to see a variety of different commentators in FIFA 18, the commentary hasn’t changed a lot and to hear the Same two people is becoming boring
    Also we should be able to have better press conferences in career mode! Maybe something similar to the option in the journey where u can select an answer! Would be more realistic! Career mode needs to be improved! Not everyone plays ultimate team!
    EA can bring online career mode in FIFA 18 now; 2-4 players’ option would be great for the beginning of online mode.
    It would be wonderful to have indoor mode brought back to the series. It was best parts of FIFA 98.

  13. I love FIFA game. I am expecting in the next version added some new to the game to make it more authentic and real. Please share my features wishlist in Fifa18.
    1. Online Career Mode:
    EA can bring online career mode in FIFA 18 now; 2-4 players’ option would be great for the beginning of online mode.
    2. Twist Kits:
    EA can provide an option to tweak kits every year on loading of every season, make the game little more interesting and to give it a new look. This will give a feel of something new.
    3. Indoor Mode:
    It would be wonderful to have indoor mode brought back to the series. It was best parts of FIFA 98.

    What do you think of these features?

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